About Us 2024

What happened in 2023

It’s official! We are empty nesters! We made it through the first winter together!! The winter flew by though and proved to be very mild, so that was nice. In January, Phil took a trip to Canada fishing with friends and came back with a very nice lake trout and returned there in March to focus on Walleyes. He enjoys getting away and fishing up there. In February, we went snowmobiling with our club up to the Ash River; it is so pretty up there! March brought spring break, so Phil took 5 women to Mexico! Both of the girls took a friend with them. Phil enjoyed being called, “Big Papa” by everyone and we had a blast! May brought Amanda’s graduation and camp finally opening after a May snowstorm! In August, we said goodbye to the girls as they both headed off to NDSU. We are so very thankful that they are at the same school! In September, Rachel turned 21! Where does time go? October took Phil and Coni to Kentucky where Phil’s grandpa grew up. We visited family in Indiana and friends in Illinois. Phil also went west for elk hunting with some buddies. Unfortunately, they didn’t get any elk this year. November brought deer hunting and good fortune for the girls. They both got bucks and does. Phil had to wait until muzzleloading season before he could fill his buck tag. The freezers are full again! It was another great year for the Trusty family!! Thanks everyone!

Al and Doug came on board for the camping season to help Phil out with all the outside duties. They have done a great job, and we are lucky to have them.

Now, onto the crew!



Phil worked for the State of Minnesota for 23 years before buying the campground and taking his family on this adventure. He was a member of the MN National Guard and served for 28 years. Phil is super handy and can fix almost anything! He has lots of projects going, as you can see in the park, most seeming to be going on all at the same time. When not running around the campground, he is running with the kids. Phil enjoys fishing whenever he can and hunting anything as much as possible! If you throw him an invite – and Coni gives her blessing – he might jump in the boat with you.



Coni worked as an educator for the Brainerd School District for more than 20 years before indulging her husband in this adventure! LOL! However, she still gets her kid fix by subbing for her former colleagues. She has lots of fun with the camping folks that come to spend time with them at the campground, and is always willing to listen to, or share a story. Coni does most of the reservations, and if you try to get ahold of her in the off season, she will get back to you either through email or phone. It may take a few days though, as she is still running around and may be working outside of the home.



Our oldest daughter is a Junior/Senior at NDSU majoring in Biology for pre-med. She has done exceptionally well at school and keeps herself busy with her studies and also works in a cancer research lab. Rachel shot again on their club trap team this year in the fall and spring. Rachel keeps busy at the camp both inside and outside. She is very responsible, organized, intelligent and hardworking. She can help you with just about anything you may need. Rachel is excellent at checking folks in and making reservations.



Our youngest is a Freshman in college! Yahoo!!!! Time flies! She is attending NDSU majoring in Manufacturing Engineering. She joined some clubs at NDSU and is enjoying being a college student who is doing exceptionally well at school! Amanda is soft spoken (until she gets to know you!), wickedly funny, intelligent, direct, enjoys helping others, and is a big help in the store and outside as well! You do not need to worry if this one knows how to do reservations or tend to your questions/needs in the store – she’s all over it!



Gus is our lab. Because he is a treat all by himself, he doesn’t need any from the camping folks. So please, just petting, go easy on the treats. Gus loves to swim in the lake, so much so that when he escapes his kennel he can be found swimming in it and refusing to come back. Not even for a treat. Once in a while, you may be privileged to see the rodeo that occurs when he goes rogue and heads for the lake. Gus enjoys people, and will take any petting that you would like to give him. He is not helpful though. However, he will like to see you.

Now for the rest of the crew!




Al is a neighbor who was looking for something to do when Brad decided to retire. Al is married, has 2 adult daughters, and is incredibly handy! Al is very helpful, mechanical, attentive and creative. He will be glad to help you with anything you need, and if he can’t do it, he’ll find someone who can! Al enjoys making sausage, beef jerky, and lots of other tasty treats (we kept him busy this year). Welcome Al!!



Doug is also a neighbor and grew up in the area with Phil. Doug is married, has 4 adult children, and is also a grandparent. Doug is also very handy and knowledgeable about things going on at the camp. He is willing to help you with whatever you may need, so don’t be afraid to approach him. Doug also enjoys the outdoors in every imaginable way. We are so happy to have him with us!



Tammy is one of our dearest, closest friends who likes to help folks. Her full time job is working for the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Department where she has been for almost 30 years. Tammy helps both inside and outside, but mainly inside where she keeps very busy! She can always be found with a rag in her hand cleaning something, organizing, taking reservations and keeping up on the emails. She keeps us on our toes and we adore her! Tammy grew up in the area with Phil, is married and has two adult children, and enjoys her grandchildren. She is happy to help you with whatever you may need.



Grammy Barb is Coni’s mom. She is rarely working at the campground, but when she is there, Barb can be found folding clothes, restocking things, answering phones and helping camping folks. Barb is always fun to be around and loves to chit chat with folks. If she is unable to help you with something, she will find someone who can.

Top 10 Things of 2023


Babies took naps

Babies Took Naps


Bean Bags and Backtalk

Bean Bags and Backtalk


Grandparents swam with grandchildren

Grandparents Swam with Grandchildren


Kayaking on the lake

Kayaking on the Lake


Lake chilling

Lake Chilling


New slide in pool

New Pool Slide


Old car and tractor parade

Antique Car & Tractor Parade


Sunfish were caught

Sunfish Were Caught


tiki party

Tiki Party


Training wheels were taken off

Training Wheels were Taken Off

Thank you again to everyone who camped with us in 2023, and to those of you who plan on coming this year! We can’t wait to see you!!!!!

Phil, Coni, Rachel, Amanda and Gus

See you soon!